Everybody loves original artwork. Even me. As most people know, I don't sell original art or do sketches at conventions. Hopefully, this will be a way for everyone to get what they want. More or less.

     The following rules are THE rules, and they are non-negotiable:


     1. All commissions will be done on 8.5" x 11" comic art board. The live art area will be 6.5" x 9" with a .75" black border around it. No exceptions.

     2. All commissions will be based on characters owned by me, John (Jack) Knifley. That includes all covers, pin-ups, panels, and 'Lina' sketches. Yes, the 'Lina in Red Square' image from Break The Line #3 counts. Images that don't count are anything that I don't own, i.e. Wolverine and Superman. They're fine characters, but I don't own them and I'm not drawing them. Period. No exceptions.

     3. All commissions require a $5 non-refundable deposit that is NON-REFUNDABLE. I'll work with you as best I can to give you what you want, but if we can't come to an agreement, you're out $5. No exceptions. If you have a question about what's acceptable and what isn't, you need to ask BEFORE you order.

     4. All orders must be made from the contiguous 48 U.S. States. If you are outside of that area and would like to order something, please contact me via and we'll work something out. Failure to do so may result in the forfeiture of the aforementioned $5 deposit. No exceptions.



The following steps will take you through the process of ordering a commission:

     1. Decide that you want an original Knifley commission. This should be easy since you KNOW you want one. C'mon, everybody wants one.

     2. Pick the piece of artwork that you want. The rules above should explain everything, but I'll say it again: I'm not drawing characters that I don't own! Period. It ain't gonna happen, so don't ask.***

***I'm flexible as to the content of the drawing. If you'd like to change the character/outfit, just say so. If you want to change the background/clothing logo, just say so. No guarantee that I'll do it, but I'll consider it.

     3. Decide if you want an inked drawing or a fully penciled drawing, and press the appropriate 'ADD TO CART' button below.

     4. After inputting your information for the non-refundable $5, describe what you want in the 'Comments' section of the order form. If you don't get that option, send the description, along with your order # to I advise doing both, but it's not required.

     5. Wait for me to get back to you. I'll make every effort to do this within 72 hours, but I'm not perfect. If 72 hours pass and I don't respond, feel free to fill my inbox with panicked queries.

     6. Once we've agreed on what I'm doing, just sit back and wait. I'll get back to you when I'm done with a low-res scan. Probably within 2-7 weeks.

     7. You pay the balance of the order. When I get it, I'll put your commission in the post and e-mail you a tracking number.

     8. You get your artwork and place it in a shrine. Don't be hangin' it in no bathroom!


Inked Drawing - $30.00

Penciled Drawing - $40.00


Sample Commissions

JKCom01.jpg (35556 bytes)

JKCom02.jpg (58993 bytes)

JKCom03.jpg (23936 bytes)

JKCom04.jpg (65844 bytes)

JKCom05.jpg (39647 bytes)

JKCom06.jpg (86959 bytes)

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